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With Ozact, activate your strategic transformation plans and collect measurable results!

Ozact is already involved in many fields, such as CSR transitions, Happiness at work, ESQH Digital Transformation, Risk Management, Smart Cities. We are always eager to expand our expertise!

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An operational solution to take action, track your progress and get your associates involved

A unique combination of 3 applications for a fast and lasting transformation

Take action

Using Ozact Share, a collection of more than 500 Actions that can be triggered separately or coordinated, you can engage transformation plans and build routes adapted to all staff members.

Track your progress

You set your own objectives and Key Performance Indicators. The social and technical impacts of your teams actions are then measured and compared against objectives. A renewed and ambitious way of auditing!


Your team members know their objectives and share best practice in their particular fields. You release and capitalize on initiative by supporting involvment and both individual and collective results.

A new generation of professional, user-centered SaaS solutions

An ergonomic and intuitive platform with a fast and constraint free operation

With our EcoProgress™ program, we have saved €30M in 6 years, and have implemented a network that continually progresses throughout our 1,400 restaurants in France.

Delphine Smagghe Delphine Smagghe, Vice President of Sustainable Development, Purchasing & Communications, McDonald’s France

In my opinion, one of the best qualities of Ozact is on-boarding employees on a common change program and liberating grassroots initiatives, which are the real source of innovation.

Gwennaelle Costa Le Vaillant CSR Manager @ CGI Consulting

With Ozact, you get an instrument designed for corporate change. It gives you the capability to implement a program able to solve almost any transformation management agenda.

Charlotte Dieutre Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Galeries Lafayette

The Ozact Ecosystem guides you through your transition plan

To maximize your results and permanently reinforce change, Ozact offers generic action plans, API connectors and a range of services through our partners Ecosystem: content specialists, certifying organisations, service providers...

Take action using concepts from renowned consulting agencies and experts
Ozact work with reliable consultancies both general and specialized in various fields (service industries, agri-food, healthcare, retail, energy...) that will guide you through all your strategic and operational transformation projects.
Mobilize your network more efficiently
Without human commitment, there can be no change. Animate your teams strongly increases their efficiency. Technical and organizational diagnosis scenarios, mobilization strategy, training, delegated animation management, communication media and material: high value services for an optimized ROI.

Adjust your action plans to your environment
Through Ozact Share, our collaborative online tool, you get access to a full network of experts and hundreds of operational actions that will make your transformation planning a lot easier. The Ozact Share knowledge base provides best practice content in most CSR fields: Energy, Waste, Biodiversity, Mobility, Quality, Security, Happiness at work, corporate governance... and enriches itself every day!

Plug your own data in, and feed your IS with new data
Ozact allows you to get the best out of your data: CSR reports, Human resources IS, telemetry and connected sensors... and organize its collection while decreasing your teams' workload. Ozact's Tech team can design and develop connectors for you: ETL, API, data import/export, and link you up with our technical and IoT partners.

Transitions underway with Ozact!

Ozact generates involvment and results every day at the very heart of large organisations

Since 2008, McDonald's France has been involved in tracking their 70,000 employees' usages in 1,300 restaurants. By deploying a consumption and performance monitoring platform along with training and communication services, McDonald's France got significant results, including in franchised restaurants (about 80% of all restaurants):

- Reduction of greenhouse gases emissions by 43%*
- Saving of 300 millions kWh on electricity ie. about €16 million
- Saving of 2 million m3 water (about 439,9 million gal GB / 528,3 million gal US) ie about €5 million

* Calculated on the restaurants area between 2005 and 2015

In 2014, Maisons du Monde defined their CSR strategy to face the major challenges of their industry in terms of sustainable development and to increase the brand's appeal with their customers and employees.
At the beginning of 2017, Maisons du Monde started deploying that strategy with Ozact.

- A network of CSR referents is set up in 30 pilot shops. Mobilized by a daily animation, they exchange ideas on how they can act to involve their staff in the company's process.
- Emphasis is being put first on diagnosis enabling Maisons du Monde CSR teams to decrypt every shop's usages in terms of waste management and power consumption
- Analysing this information allows the progressive creation of a best practice library. Performance measuring tools are also set up to prepare the incoming deployment to all of the group's retail outlets.

From the very first quarter after the project started, nearly 300 actions have been taken by the referents, which proves Ozact can get people involved really fast!

Since 2012, the Council of Côte d'Or department has been implicated in setting up operational processes with sustainable development in schools.
The objective? To improve ecological management of the department's educational buildings.
Today, 47 high schools are using Ozact solutions around about 15 key indicators.
Each building has access to an action catalog around 6 big themes (energy, water, waste, food, green purchasing, and biodiversity) combined to a system that makes mobilization last and people sensible to the transformation process.

The Galeries Lafayette group brought its CSR strategy "Lafayette Avenir" with ambitious goals for 2020 spread in its 200 outlets and its warehouses.
The group equipped itself with a regulatory CSR report tracked around 12 legal entities :

- 110 contributors to the CSR reports
- 170 social and environmental indicators
- Reports collected by activity, CSR main theme, legal entity and country

Thanks to the tracking modules, the CSR referents in shops, and technical management in the headquarters can follow their CSR performances, compare the to other similar sites, and track their own individual contribution to the group's common goals.

Mercialys, Casino group's real estate branch, listed and submitted to extra-financial rating.

- 65 contributors to CSR reports
- 150 social and environmental indicators meeting sustainable economy and ESG standards
- An attractive CSR strategy, with numbered progress objectives and action plans distributed in 59 shopping centers, precisely and locally measured

The objectives? First, to guarantee more productivity and simplicity in CSR reporting process so that output numbers are reliable and confirm Mercialys as a reference in the field of responsible social investment. The other main issue is to track progress to reach the CSR goals that are aimed by the firm's strategy.
The global challenge is to increase Mercialys' real estate assets value.

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